Fire Suppression and Special Hazard

Sprinklers offer good protection but don't permeate to deep seated fires that may occur in equipment racks and cable trays.  Clean agent systems such as FM-200, Novec flood all areas and extinguish the fire where ever it develops. Cleanup is minimal and the agent is electrically inert.

  • Addressable and conventional control panels
  • Smoke detection and aspirating early warning smoke detection
  • Heat detection including linear heat detection
  • Flame detection
  • Manual release stations, abort stations
  • Key-switch service disconnects
  • Damper control
  • Equipment power shutdown

We also offer certified NFPA room integrity testing to ensure no leakage is occurring and the clean agent is contained when released. We include this testing upon new system installation and recommend whenever any construction work is done within the protected space.

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