Intrusion and CCTV Systems

Our Intrusion Detection/Alarm Systems

  • Detect intruders and instantly alert authorities
  • Deter external and internal theft
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Provide safety for people and protection of property
  • Reduce emergency response times through easily accessible panic buttons
  • Log activity of all activity for post event evaluation
  • Integrate with video systems for added protection

We offer our central station service for off premises monitoring of these systems to contact authorities and other staff when activated.


CCTV Systems

We provide scalable solutions for all your surveillance needs. We can integrate to legacy systems for hybrid design and add the latest technology to migrate up without increased cost for a total replacement. We have partnered with many major manufactures and have deployed many enterprise size projects. Distributed video recorders, IP cameras and LAN networks allow for a common system with client viewing on any PC or dedicated station.


Total Management Capabilities

Whether a single area or an entire campus, we offer systems scalable to meet those needs. Web based viewing allows flexablility, client software allows for central system setup and management. Off-site viewing or control can be accomplished where required.


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