Mass Notification Systems

When major concerns develop, there is an inherent need to be able to get information to all occupants of a building or campus in a timely fashion.  This is accomplished through the use of a Mass Notification System. These systems are fully supervised so all aspects are known to function when needed, unlike standard public address systems to which may have failed components only known when activated.

Fire, Security & Sound Systems has a professional design staff that can incorporate the following features into your Mass Notification System, Emergency Voice Alarm Communication System, or combination system:

  • Autonomous Control Unit (ACU)
  • Local Operating Console (LOC)
  • Notification appliance network (speakers, strobes, text signage, high power speaker arrays)
  • Remote initiating devices
  • Interfaces to existing voice enabled fire alarms

We offer systems to utilize existing IT LAN networks or deploy radio based solutions for outdoor areas reducing installation costs.

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